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The Simplest Way to Produce Handmade Graduation Invitations that Serve as Graduation Dinner Invitati

11th March 2010
When you consider a graduation party, the first thing that one thinks of are usually high school or college students finishing up that part of their educational careers. Even so, that is certainly not the only ones that get to celebrate. A great number of... Read >

Terrific Easter Card Ideas could be Easter Cards for Kids

19th February 2010
Making Easter Cards for Kids is this years best craft projects!When considering Christmas, most people often tends to buy and even makes handmade cards in order to send. On the other hand why don't you consider Making Easter Cards?Easter card ideas are be... Read >

Wild Card Cricut Cartridge Review

14th September 2009
If you are a custom card maker like me, you are going to enjoy this cricut cartridge. That is why I thought it would be cool to do this wild card cricut catridge review. The Wild Card cricut cartridge allows for so many possibilities. With really cool sha... Read >